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This is a 9-month coaching programme to help you achieve your goals or dreams. Award-winning Coach, Author, and Speaker, Grace Gladys Famoriyo, uses her expertise to help women achieve various goals. Grace can help you:

  • Become an inspirational speaker, helping you position yourself as an expert
  • Start your own niche coaching practice
  • Live your life purposefully and profitably maximising your innate gifts/talents, skills and experiences to generate an income
  • Transition to a more fulfilling career and avoid the ‘Monday morning blues‘ everyday
  • Gain confidence and support to achieve a lifelong goal or dream
  • Manage your lifestyle better, helping you create the balanced and enriched life you desire (and deserve) without stress
  • Avoid/overcome burnout
  • Ditch your baggage and experience emotional freedom and general wellbeing
  • Launch a women-focused organisation with the goal of supporting the needs of women in one way or another
See below (bottom of page) to see what Grace’s coaching clients have to say about her…

First, we schedule a FREE 15mins coaching session to discuss your goals. By the way, all coaching sessions take place on the phone. So you do not have to travel anywhere.

Next, you choose from our Silver, Platinum and On Demand coaching packages depending on your specific needs and/or goals. With the exception of the On Demand coaching package, all our coaching packages are ongoing monthly coaching programmes meaning we support you till your goals are done1.

The primary difference between the Silver and the Platinum coaching package is the Platinum coaching package offers you 2 power-packed coaching sessions a month with award-winning coach Grace Gladys Famoriyo meaning you get even more support each month and are likely to find yourself moving faster with your goals and dreams.

On-demand coaching is for people who want to get coaching as and when it suits them. It is ideal for someone who already knows what they want and is already taking steps to achieve this. However, they find they need the support and expertise of a coach to bounce ideas off, remain motivated, get unstuck, deal with specific challenges or opportunities, offer guidance, etc. The On-demand package is not ideal if you and/or your project needs continuous support; you are yet to get started and/or unsure which direction to take. We suggest you take one of the other coaching packages.

1We suggest clients should consider a minimum of 9-12 months, depending on their needs and goal.

Overview of Coaching Packages – at a glance

Features On-demand Silver Platinum
FREE 15mins taster coaching session
Intensive and focused 1:1 Career, Life & Wellbeing coaching sessions (40mins)  ✖ 1 session per month2 2 sessions per month3
On-demand 1:1 coaching session (40mins)  ✔   ✖   ✖
Call recording of your sessions4
Action and accountability plans5  ✖
Weekly progress reports5  ✖  ✔  ✔
Email support6  ✔
FREE copy of Grace Gladys Famoriyo’s bestselling book, Overcoming Emotional Baggage 4
Package Prices (exclusive of VAT)  £129 per session £99 per month £199 per month

Terms and conditions apply. All sessions are pre-booked and payment is required in advance of any session. Card fees apply. See below

2 All Silver package clients get 1 x 40min coaching session each month.
3 All Platinum package clients get 2 x 40min coaching sessions each month.
Clients get their recording within 24hrs of their session.
5 Clients will be given a template to complete and submit each week.
6 Terms and conditions apply. This is not to be construed as additional coaching sessions.

Silver and platinum clients get their books shipped after session 2. On Demand clients get their book shipped immediately after their session. Terms and conditions apply.

Interested? Next steps…

1. Decide on your preferred coaching package.
2. If choosing the Silver or Platinum package, you can pay by clicking on the relevant ‘Subscribe’ button (below) and follow the link to pay using PayPal. (NB: You will need a PayPal account to pay). If you are scheduling an On Demand coaching session, select the ‘Buy now’ button to book your on-demand coaching session (NB: You do not need a PayPal account to pay).

How to pay

Platinum Coaching Package £199 + VAT 20% per month


Silver Coaching Package £109 + VAT 20% per month


On Demand Coaching £129 + VAT 20% per session


Frequently Asked Questions

How does coaching work?

All coaching sessions take place on the phone during office hours, between 8am and 5pm (UK). All coaching sessions are scheduled and paid for in advance. You will be provided with details on how to do this. Sessions cannot be carried over to the next month, including missed and late cancellations.

What do you expect from your clients?

  • Willingness to take action even if it is something you have not considered or explored before.
  • Commitment to take the necessary action to help you reach your goal. For example, scheduling time in your calendar for your sessions as well as to write your book.
  • Be open and honest with us because we will be with you.

What can I expect from you?

  • Professionalism and excellence at all times (these are our core values).
  • Our expertise based on many years of coaching, training, consulting and publishing books.
  • Our openness and honesty.


Testimonials from past clients…

I worked with Grace as my coach and mentor for 9 months and within this time Grace helped me remain focused on my goal. During my coaching and mentoring journey, I found myself taking action and the necessary steps to reach my goals. I also noticed my attitudes and beliefs changed for the better. The encouragement, support and guidance I got along the way was priceless. And now, my lifelong goal of starting my own business and working for myself has been made a reality.

If achieving your goal AND achieving it within a specific time is important to you, I would recommend you get Grace on board as your coach.  Having an accountability person, in the form of a coach, makes all the difference.

Finally, I also grew as a person in the time we worked together.  I gained more personal drive and determination to succeed – both which will always be with me. Thank you Grace!

Derin Olayinka – London, UK

When I came to Grace, I needed clarity and support with my project. Through coaching, I became more focused. I gained clarity about what I wanted to accomplish and the steps I needed to take. Through coaching, I felt more confident to embark my goals and aspirations.

Pilira Zapita – Bucks, UK

I found our coaching session extremely inspiring! I have come away with some clear, next steps to take my dream forward to the next stages.

Nicola Bye – London, UK

Since working with Grace, I have become more focused with my goals that resulted in me achieving them quicker, smarter whilst avoiding costly mistakes. I highly recommend working with Grace.

Joy Ani – London, UK

The many months I worked with Grace was truly transformative. As my coach, she was conscientious, professional, supportive and more importantly, reliable. I learnt so much from her including her own professional life as a coach, author and speaker, all which have helped me too. And so, I benefitted in more ways than one working with Grace. If you have a dream or goal, I highly recommend working with Grace. She has made my dream come true. Thanks Coach!

Ruth Pearson – London, UK

I am very thankful for our coaching sessions. Also, being able to draw on your experience and expertise was priceless. I feel equipped to press on with my dreams. Thank you so much.

Selina Yeboah – London, UK

Words cannot express my appreciation, thank you for my one to one session.

Kemi S., USA



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