Want your book to stand out in a crowded market?

Author and book marketing expert Grace Gladys Famoriyo offers professional book cover consultations to help you catch the eye of your target reader, whether it is online or in store. The goal is to turn potential buyers into actual buyers. And with only a few seconds to hook your target readers, you cannot afford to take chances.

The reality is people WILL judge your book by its cover. So get it right the first time!


Grace adopts a number of proven methods and super-smart ideas to make your cover work harder for you:

  • Ensuring your cover design is right for your genre and audience.
  • Making effective use of colour and fonts to create a standout cover.
  • Support you in creating a winning title, subtitle and strapline to grab the attention of buyers.
  • Offer guidance with regards to using your back cover copy (the sales information at the back of your book) as an effective selling tool.
  • Give you insight into the use illustrations or author photos to your best advantage.
  • Help you get the best out of your cover designer.
  • Avoid costly mistakes by getting your design right the first time.

Never underestimate the selling power of a great cover.


Aspiring, new or experienced authors and self-publishers, who fall into one of the following categories:

  1. You are in the process of writing a book and would like expert guidance before you design the cover of your book.
  2. You have had a cover designed for your book but want to ensure it will attract buyers. Furthermore, the book is not yet published.
  3. You have published a book that is not selling, has had poor feedback on the cover or you want to republish your book with a new cover.

In publishing, one thing is for sure: you either pay now (the smarter option) or you pay later (the unwise option). So do the smart thing and hire publishing guru, Grace, to make your book cover awesome.

Whats on offer?

The following are the packages available.

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Why Grace?

Grace Gladys Famoriyo is an author, speaker and coach. She has worked inside the industry in the marketing division of a publishing house, as well as on the outside as a self-published author. Grace has a Masters degree in Publishing and also runs an academy for authors, speakers and leaders.

Why is this service necessary?

For many years, Grace has seen the negative impact (financially and emotionally) as well as damage to an author’s or publisher’s reputation when they have unwisely tried to save on costs and/or designed their cover while lacking the essential know-how of designing effective book covers.

The fact is people WILL judge your book by its cover and this is most often reflected in your sales, though there could be other factors too. Time after time, author-publishers approach Grace for advice though, most often than not, it is too late as they have printed their books. They then face the decision of either keeping the books or reprint with a new cover. You can save yourself the heartache, financial loss and much more by getting help before you approve any cover designs. This is the value Grace brings.

Does Grace design my book cover for me?

No! Grace offers you invaluable, expert advice based on her many years of industry experience. The goal is to help your book catch the eye of your target reader in a very crowded and competitive market.

I can do this myself, cant I? So why do I need Grace?

If book cover design were a simple matter, big publishing houses would not have teams of experts who are on the ball when it comes to covers. Why? Because they know their market and know consumers have so much choice. Therefore, want their books to stand out. So, if the Big Guys are doing this, it would be foolhardy for a new or inexperienced author-publisher to not do likewise i.e. get expert advice.

Grace’s philosophy is you can pay now or you pay later. Either way, you will pay!

How much should I expect to pay for a good cover design?

That’s a tough question and it depends on who you use. Grace has paid between £150 and £350 for her covers, depending on the project and the designer used. That said, some people have paid a lot more (thousands). One thing is for sure; you DO get what you pay for.

I’m planning to design my book cover myself, use a cover template or get someone who knows how to use Photoshop…

STOP! Unless you or the person you plan to use has industry experience in the designing book covers specifically for your genre, you are setting yourself up for a costly mistake. Failure-proof you project by booking a session with Grace. In the least, buy the manual, Great Covers Sell Books, as there is A LOT to consider, more than you think you know. After all, your book, which you have spent time writing, deserves better.

I have a graphics designer. Can they design my cover?

Yes…BUT only if they have relevant experience designing book covers for your genre or else it’s the case of the blind leading the blind.

How does consultation take place? When and where?

Coaching takes place during office hours and on the phone. Your session is booked in advance and also paid for in advance.

How do I pay

Click the sign up button beneath the service you require. This will take you to PayPal where you can pay by credit/debit card. This will set up your nine monthly instalments.

I’m keen to start. How do I get started?

Click the sign up button beneath the service you require. This will take you to PayPal where you can pay by credit/debit card. This will set up your nine monthly payments. Once receive notification of your payment, we will contact you.

How do I attend Grace’s training programme?

Grace’s training programmes are online. So you access them anytime and anywhere, at your convenience. Once you sign up, you will be sent further instructions.

What is the duration of my access pass to Grace’s training programme?

Three months.

What happens after the consultation?

Grace is available to offer additional support, for a fee.

What do you expect from your clients?
  • Willingness to take action even if it is something you have not considered or explored before.
  • Commitment to take the necessary action to help you reach your goal. For example, scheduling time in your calendar for your sessions as well as to write your book.
  • Be open and honest with us because we will be with you.
What can I expect from you?
  • Professionalism and excellence at all times (these are our core values).
  • Our expertise based on many years of coaching, training, consulting and publishing books.
  • Our openness and honesty.

Got more questions?

Wow, Thank you so much for your incredible insight on my book cover. Your passion for book covers is evident!