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Life happens!

That's a fact! Therefore, you owe it to yourself to stay uplifted regardless of what life may throw your way. The One Minute Tonic for the Heart 30-day eCourse has been designed to keep you uplifted and inspired. And if you are discouraged, it can help you combat discouragement too.

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The best part of this eCourse is the devotionals take less than 60 seconds to read...just in case you are wondering. The weekly teaching videos are a few minutes long*.

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Getting the best out of the eCourse in 3 steps

  1. Set aside 60 seconds to read the devotional (e.g. on your commute, lunch break, prayer/quiet times, etc.). Then mull on it throughout your day.
  2. Got more than 60 seconds? Read the Scripture reference.
  3. Want to share your learning and uplift others? Share the #hashtag (not the nugget) for the day with your thoughts plus the hashtag #1MinHeartTonic.

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