Inspiring | Dynamic | Compelling

Grace is an engaging, inspirational speaker who can speak directly to peoples hearts – a gift that inspires her audiences to action. She radiates passion and energy that creates a lasting impression on her audiences. Over the years, her bubbly personality has captivated many audiences of varying sizes. Grace also has a knack for naturally engaging with her audience uniquely. She is a speaker who brings a cocktail of wisdom, insight, and expertise beyond her years.


Themes and topics Grace speaks on

  • Emotional restoration, wellbeing, and resilience
  • Preventing Mental health issues at work/Church
  • Dealing with hurts and unforgiveness
  • How to live a baggage-free, purpose-driven life
  • Overcoming challenging life experiences and making a difference
  • Pressing past setbacks, disappointment, and discouragement
  • Make your pain count for something positive: turning trials into triumphs
  • Becoming unstoppable and fulfilling lifelong goals
  • Discovering and harnessing your innate gifts and untapped potential to impact your generation
  • From Zero to Hero: Achieving your goals through cycling principles
  • Baggage Free Leadership: Leading others/teams without the baggage
  • Leadership/management development and training topics including emotional intelligence and resilience, building your team, mentoring and coaching others.

More about Grace’s speaking services

Grace speaks at women’s events and organisations as well as for-profit and non-profit corporations, local government, public bodies, health trusts, charities/third sector organisations, Churches and Christian organisations.

All of Grace’s talks can be customised for specific audiences, formats (e.g. talks, workshop series, seminars, retreats, keynotes) or lengths of time to meet your specific needs. Get in contact today and let us know how we can support you.

I have heard and read the works of many great speakers and have also worked in parliament with one of the greatest parliamentarian/political orators of our time and I confess Grace Gladys Famoriyo has made the most profound impression on me.

Geraldine Henry - London, UK