More about Grace

Grace Gladys Famoriyo is an award-winning author and international speaker. Grace, a transformational leader, has been in the transformation industry for over 20 years. During this time, she has mentored, coached, trained and spoken to thousands of women. Her passion is to empower women and transform their lives, through education so that they can lead purposeful lives without baggage in tow.

Over the years, Grace has won awards including Inspirational Woman of the Year (2015, Wise Women’s Awards) and the European Federation of Black Women Business Owners (Professional category, 2006).

Grace has a degree in Biochemistry (Hons, Upper Second), Masters of Science degree in Information Systems Design (Merit) and a Master of Arts degree in Publishing (Distinction). Her dissertation for her MA in Publishing won the Best Project in the UK (Association for Publishing Education, 2014).

Grace’s Books

Grace is a prolific, inspirational writer and has written seven books. Grace, a former columnist for Christian Post (USA), Pride Magazine (UK) and She (Caribbean), is a regular columnist for Keep the Faith Magazine (UK).