Meet Grace Gladys Famoriyo

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Grace Gladys Famoriyo is an award-winning author and speaker who has spoken on three continents. Grace, a transformational leader, has been in the transformation industry for the last 20 years. During this time, she has had the privilege of speaking to thousands of women. Her primary passion is to help people live restored, transformed and purposeful lives.

Grace is a prolific, inspirational writer. Her books include Overcoming Emotional Baggage: A Woman’s Guide to Living the Abundant Life (0-924748-73-7), Healing a Discouraged Heart: Getting Back on Track When Life Lets You Down (978-0-9562606-3-5), Quit Hiding, Start Living! How Women Can Free Themselves From Past Hurts (978-0-9562606-6-6) and her latest, Bounce Back! How To Survive, Thrive and Maximise Your Challenging Life Situations (0-9926195-2-7).

Gladys is also the founder of Grace Gladys Famoriyo Ministries, which spearheads the Overcoming Emotional Baggage for Women, which aims to promote emotional wellbeing within the church and beyond. Her latest project is the Bounce Back Initiative which aims to help people overcome challenging life experiences whilst making a positive difference in their worlds – regardless of their life journeys. Find out more about Grace Gladys Famoriyo Ministries.