At some stage of your journey, you are going to be looking at turning your idea, know-how, expertise, skills or talents into a book, even if it is a short ebook. Before you freak out, let me address two main objections that might float into your mind:

“I don’t know how to write/publish a book”: That’s understandable as at one point, that was me too. But I will be resuming my webinars and training programmes this autumn. So chill.

“I don’t need a book”: Well I beg to differ and I will be addressing this in the next email you get from me. In short, your book will always reach further than you ever will. Like the time I get emails from women (and men) who tell me, they picked up my book in a South African Airport or in India or even Australia (such a good feeling…I must say). Whilst I can have speaking engagements or events worldwide, my books will still reach further. Watch out for the next email.

Anyway, back to today’s insights for learning, this classic piece shares my heart when it comes to writing and self-publishing. The journey from idea to published book is fraught with potential pitfalls and costly mistakes for anyone with no experience with the industry. Remember my £20k mistake? However, with the right know-how + support + systems to follow, you are poised to succeed. Plus, I got your back 🙂 I have so many training and systems, you cannot fail!

So, read and learn from a fellow publisher.

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