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  • Sick and tired of your book aspirations not happening?
  • Feeling guilty/regretful writing is always on your New Years resolutions?
  • Struggling with getting your book started or completed?
  • Stuck/lost momentum and not sure what to do next?
  • Keen to make your book stand out in a crowded market?
  • Want to make your book earn you an additional income stream?

If so, read on

About the #authormc2017 Weekend Retreat

The Author Weekend Master Class (#authormc2017) is an inspiring, intensive author development weekend programme facilitated by Grace Gladys Famoriyo, who shares her wealth of experience as an author, publisher, marketer and all-round publishing guru.

During the programme, along with the taught sessions, you will take part in practical exercises to help you turn your book idea into a winning book. Using a variety of techniques, you will learn how to plan, structure and write specifically for your intended audience.

#authormc2017 also offers you the chance to get started with your manuscript or continue working on it, to shape it into a well-written book. You will also benefit from receiving professional feedback in a supportive environment.

By the end of the weekend, you should feel empowered, confident and motivated to complete your book. So if you want to progress with your writing aspirations and are willing to pay the price (time, effort and money), register today.

IMPORTANT: This programme is suited for men and women wanting to write a non-fiction, ‘how to’, solution-focused, inspirational/motivational, self-help, wellbeing, health or business book. #authormc2017 is not ideal for those who want to write other genres such as poetry, fiction, cookbooks or memoirs/autobiographies. In the case of memoirs/autobiographies, Grace will show you how to turn your story into an effective non-fiction book to positively influence your market and make money too.

Read testimonials of past clients and attendees below

What you will get from attending #authormc2017

  • Learn how to plan, structure your book.
  • Discover how to write your book fast.
  • Learn how to turn a book idea into a winning book concept.
  • Discover techniques and powerful strategies to enhance your book and make it impactful whilst standing out in a crowded market.
  • Learn how to position yourself as the ‘guru’/expert of your field AND get paid for it through your book.
  • Discover how to identify and target your ideal market audience.
  • Understand how to write a book that offers valuable content and helps your reader get the results they want.
  • Understand different cover strategies and how to use your book cover as an effective selling tool.
  • Discover how to avoid time-consuming and costly mistakes.
  • Learn simple yet powerful techniques to develop your writing skills as well as yourself as an author.
  • Get professional feedback on your manuscript idea.
  • Discover how, as a professional (e.g. consultant, speaker, entrepreneur, business owner, trainer, facilitator, coach, etc.) you can use your book to generate additional income streams, offer more value to your clients and expand your reach in the marketplace.
  • Get clarity, guidance, and feedback on how to use your book to share your story, expertise, skills, talents or personal/professional experiences in an effective and profitable manner.
  • Discover how to make a success of your writing goals and overcome obstacles such as losing momentum, getting stuck and overcoming writer’s block.


  • Get unstuck, regain momentum and move forward with your writing goals
  • Dedicated time to focus on your book project
  • Clarity on how to start and complete your book
  • Tips and techniques to help you succeed
  • Save money and time
  • Avoid costly mistakes
  • Learn from an expert
  • Professional feedback on your book idea
  • Time and space  work on your book project

Upgrade your experience of your #authormc2017 weekend retreat with a VIP 1:1 coaching experience

Book a VIP 1:1 40min coaching session to take place during the retreat. During this private 1:1 session, Grace can help you in many ways such as:

  • Tackling specific issues/opportunities you might be facing with your writing project
  • Helping you uncover multiple ways to make a profit from your writing project
  • Sharing insights on packaging your book for your market audience
  • Offering advice on cover design
  • And much more….

As a marketer, Grace can also suggest methods to market your book, positioning it for success. Remember, this is YOUR private session away from the group and the focus is on YOU.

There is an additional cost of £69 for the VIP 1:1 session and it must be pre-booked. The cost of booking this after the registration closing date of 21/11/17 OR during the weekend will be £99 and subject to availability. See below on how to book.

PS: The VIP sessions do not include Manuscript critiquing.

Read testimonials of past attendees and clients below


  • Willingness to learn and try new things.
  • Willingness to write over the weekend.
  • You MUST have a book idea in your mind…better still, on paper or on your laptop/phone/tablet. You will need this information over the course of the weekend.
  • Bring a laptop, tablet or other writing implements as you WILL be writing*.

*Delegates are responsible for the safety of their manuscripts as well as your writing equipment. Neither the organisers or the venue will take responsibility for any loss, damage, theft, etc.

Your Investment

Registration is essential!

Early bird rate is £199. Offer ends Sunday 5th November 2017. EARLY BIRD RATE NOW CLOSED!!!!!

Regular Ticket is £225 available from Monday 6th to Wednesday 21/11/17 November 2017 when registration closes.

Upgrade your experience by booking a VIP 1:1 40min coaching session with Grace during the retreat for £69 (normally £99). See below.

Your investment includes:

  • Your accommodation for two nights (Friday 8th to Sunday 10th)
  • All your meals, teas/coffee, and refreshments during breaks
  • Handouts

IMPORTANT: When registering, you will need to tell us of any dietary requirements you have.

Book your place now. Select the option you want and click ‘Pay Now’
Option 1: Pay for your early bird registration with no VIP 1:1 Coaching session with Grace (normally £99)
Option 2: 
If you want to take advantage of Grace’s  VIP 1:1 Coaching session for £69 (normally £99) in addition to your registration fee, taking place during the retreat, click the second option (clicking the right arrow).

1. You do not need a PayPal account to pay.
2. Your registration fee includes an admin fee of 5%

Regular Ticket Sales – Opens 6/11/17. Ends on 21/11/17

Author Master Class Regular Ticket

Forgot to Upgrade your Retreat Experience? Book your VIP Experience here!

If you have already registered for this retreat and would like to upgrade your retreat experience by adding on a VIP 1:1 coaching session, make your booking here. The fee for this, before the retreat, is £69 + an admin fee until 21/11/17. Bookings after this time OR at the retreat will cost £99 + an admin fee.

Author Master Class VIP Experience

Testimonials from some of Grace Gladys’ past clients/attendees

Joy Ani Book“At first, I attended Gladys’ writers  programme in 2012 and it proved to be valuable as I was writing my second book. Since then, through working with Gladys, I have become more focused in my writing and have improved my writing style. I have also saved time and money by avoiding costly mistakes. I also learnt powerful secrets, tips and tricks of the writing and publishing trade. Furthermore, I can get my manuscript done faster than ever. I highly recommend working with Gladys.”

Joy Ani, Author, Exchanging My Disability For God’s Ability (2014) – Book writing and self-publishing coaching

“Do you have a creative book idea within you but don’t  know how to get started? Perhaps you got started but then got stuck with your manuscript? If so, you are not the only one. That was me! That was until I started working with Grace Gladys Famoriyo – my book coach. Having working with her for some months now, I have found Gladys, to be conscientious, professional, supportive and more importantly, reliable. I learnt so much from her especially as she 

was sharing from her personal and professional experience as an author too. By us working together, my initial book idea became a solid manuscript. And now, my book is being published with Westbow Press (part of the Thomas Nelson family). It will be out summer 2015. Furthermore, learning from Gladys, I have also developed essential speaking skills – one that authors of today really need especially where a lot of the marketing is down to the author. So, I benefitted in more ways than one. And so, if your dream is to become a published author, I highly recommend working with Gladys. She has made my writing dream come true. Thanks Coach!”

Ruth Pearson, Author of Listening to Your Voice (Published 2015)

Awesome session that has brought about sound clarity. Grace Gladys’ competence and passion is evident.

Modupe Afolabi, Authors Master Class Boot Camp (2015)

Excellent tips and sound advice on writing a book from a Pro! Highly inspiring and educative. Clear direction.

Christiana Nwosu, Authors Master Class Boot Camp (2015)

SHALISA Anthony-RigsbyVery informative Master Class. Grace made my writing goals, which seemed impossible at the time, possible, by breaking down the process into bitesized, achievable goals. I took all the steps and presto….my book was born

Lisa Anthony-Rigsby, Self-Publishers Master Class Boot Camp (2012)

This programme has taken me closer to my writing and publishing goals. The programme offered many useful tools and techniques which were thoughtfully prepared and presented. I was inspired and challenged by the programme as well as connecting with other people with similar writing aspirations as mine.

Tayo Ajibade, Writers and Self-Publishers Master Class Boot Camp (2012 & 2015)

Both the information obtained and the experience was extremely valuable to me. I have so much to apply when I get back. Well worth the experience.

Georgette Taylor, Self-Publishers Master Class Boot Camp (2012)

If there is one thing that stood out for me, apart from the excellent programme, is the encouragement and impetus I got to get started with my book. I plan to start asap as I have so much detailed information to work with. I am no longer clueless!

Marigold Nunes, Self-Publishers Master Class Boot Camp (2012)

Since working with Gladys Famoriyo and the Academy, I found it immensely valuable having the support on my journey to achieving my goals. Having someone with the necessary expertise to guide, encourage and keep me accountable is priceless. Thank you for the support. It really means a lot especially as one sees ones goals taking shape and dreams becoming fulfilled. I am very thankful to have your experience to draw on.”

Selina Yeboah. London – Writing & business coaching client

“Words cannot express my appreciation, thank you for my one to one session”

Kemi S., USA


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